Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My top 11 Movies of 2008

This list was arrived at using a scientific and psychological method.
1. Check lists of all movies released in 2008 in English, Hindi and Malayalam.
2. As soon as i see one movie i liked, note it down.
3. Tear the paper into slips so i have one movie name on each slip.
4. Wait for sometime. Do some actual work.
5. Comeback to the slips.
6. Take one slip at a time, give the movie a score out of ten.
7. Now list them according to the scores.

Originally i had wanted a top ten list, but by the way the scores appeared, It became a top 11 list.

I learned some things from this excercise.

The top grossing films of 2008 in Bollwood- I havent seen most of them, I was not interested in most of them, and I am truly shocked at some of the entries - Race, Jodha Akbar, Sarkaar Raj, Jannat!

English movies of 2008- Some of them i sadly missed-
Australia by Baz Luhrman (previous film 'Moulin Rouge') with Nicole Kidman,Hugh Jackman.
City of Ember - DVD still sleeps in my laptop. Supposed to be good.
CJ7 - Supposed to be another laughter riot from the team of Shaolin Soccer.
Frost/Nixon, Milk, Gran Torino - Oscar nominated films.Never got around to see them.
Spiderwick Chronicles, Wanted

Some films conspicuous by absence:

The Happening: First time around, i liked it for the PA landscape and frights. (I was supposed to goto PA for onsite). Second time, the silliness of the plot and Mark Wahlberg's unintentionally funny expressions were too much.

Dark Knight: Heralded to be the best film of the year, biggest grosser in history etc.Lest i had missed something, i saw it in IMAX too. I feel the best description for the movie is 'murky'. There were some good things about it. Christian Bale (not his fake batman voice) Heath Ledger's Joker. Bad things were Maggie Gyllenhall, badly choreographed action and the plot.Looking back again, may be the only good thing was the Joker.

Not appearing in the list, but still good: Get Smart, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Pineapple Express, Semi-Pro, You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Never see: Disaster Movie, Cloverfield, Meet the Spartans, My Best Friend's Girl, One Missed Call,Pathology, Punisher: War Zone, The Strangers

Now to go into the list:

Slumdog Millionaire (7.5)
It may be over-rated, but it has a good story, synthesis of good english filmmaking and feel-good bollywood-ian story. Gains extra points for making an 'Indian' film in the Oscars.

Yes Man (7,5)
May be not as good as Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey looks a little old, but still the movie cracks me up. Extra points for beautiful/crazy Zooey Deschanel.

Wrestler (7.5)
I dont like to watch Wrestling. But still this film made me watch it (in it).A film that makes you care for its characters. You wish they somehow find redemption. Extra points for the scene where the wrestler and stripper meet outside their 'jobs'.

Kung Fu Panda (8)
Damn Funny. The opening dream sequnce has me hooked. And it has Jack Black. extra points for being a film about a fat person saving the day.

Transsiberian (8)
Taut thriller. Edge-of-seat. I totally abandoned Nithya one evening to see this on DVD.

Bachna Ae Haseeno (8)
I kept wondering-Can Hindi Cinema do this? Yashraj production values bring a movie that is actually enjoyable for once. And i am a little fan of Minisha Lamba.

Vantage Point (8)

Another edge-of-seat movie with lots of twists thrown in. But its not the 'Race'.

The Incredible Hulk (8)
I am a fan of comic-book-hero movies. But i have never read any Hulk books. This film was pure adrenaline thrill. And an appearance from Iron Man? Man oh man.

Bolt (8.5)
Enjoyed it thoroughly. Old-fashioned themes like friendship, courage and faithfulness. Lots of comedy. Great animation. And there is a cat who shows the way.

Definitely, Maybe (8.5)
It achieves the impossible. A chick-flick which can be enjoyed by guys. A great leading man, 3 gorgeous ladies, a story which keeps you guessing.

Iron Man (8.5)
Great Superhero movie in a long, long time. I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr Now. This man can do any role. First he is super hero in this movie. Then he goes and does super comedy in Tropic Thunder. Who is this guy? For extra points this movie has the charming Gwyneth Paltrow.

Honoroble Mentions:
Zack and Miri Make a Porno (7)
Cycle (7)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (7)
Be Kind Rewind (6.5)
Tropic Thunder (6.5)
Kadha Parayumbol (6.5)
21 (6)
Aamir (6)
Twenty Twenty (5.5)
Wall-E (5.5)

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  1. Looks like these are my fav too except the hindi movies... I would like to add Dark Knight(7.5) to honorable mentions.