Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things i am going to miss

all the movie things
I could see all the releases in the last eight months as soon as they released. Movies which has to be enjoyed in 3D(eg-Coraline) and IMAX (Monsters vs Aliens) - I could enjoy them as it is supposed to be.

This summer is going to be a spread of 3D movies. I am going to miss them all...
Pixar's Up
Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Final Destination: Death Trip 3D
Toy Story and Toy Story Re-release in 3D

I checked the theatres in Bangalore also, there also no 3D movies are playing.

Movies made in IMAX - they are a feast to the eyes. Everything feels more real.
I checked the IMAX theatres in India and the closest one is in Hyderabad. All of them are playing old (by my current standard) movies. We have quite some IMAX movies coming this summer.

Star Trek: The IMAX Experience
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian: The IMAX Experience
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The IMAX Experience
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Hmm..I could plan some trips to Mumbai Adlabs IMAX or Hyderabad IMAX!

Being close to Hollywood has some perks. Many independant movies which are good but dont get so much publicity are released only in LA and NYC. And in LA we have a lot of movie houses which cater to these kind of movies.

There are many historic movie houses which routinely have special screenings of classics and blockbusters of yesteryear. You could catch these movies in your 15" laptop, but seeing them on the big screen is an experience you cant match.

Recently there was a movie marathon of Matrix series where they showed all 3 movies in a day. This week, there are screenings of Vertigo (Hitchcock) Casablanca and Reservoir Dogs!

Then there are advance screenings. Movie producers hold advance screenings of upcoming movies in select theatres, to get audience/press feedback. This is totally FREE.

The public libraries here...they have huge collections. of comics and DVDs! Free membership! Original DVDs! I have started a mission to compile a 1TB movie library before i go.

Netflix. I hate their throttling but I have found a way out. And there is no better way to get hold of those rare movies.

Some of the food here... I love them. Pancakes. Barbecue. Tortilla Chips with hot Salsa. Aloe Vera Juice.

After being in California for 8 months, i have become a wine-file. Do you get Sauvignon Blanc in India? I hope so.

Attributes of American Life
Organization. Cleanliness. Preservation of nature. Internet usefulness. Cool Rental Cars. Open culture where you can express yourself freely. Respect for pedestrian. Respect for traffic laws.

Choti Choti magar Moti batein
Paper towels. Vending machines. Redbox. Powdered coconut. Ready to cook chapati. Fully furnished Studios.

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