Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy birthday (belated-um allatheym) Sreekanth and Reshma!

2 and half years ago. I was coming out of some kind of coma or unconciousness in a hospital in Cherthala. Someone told me some friend of mine had come and seen me. He had given some support to my amma and achan. I couldn't figure out who it could be. I didn't have any big friends in Cherthala at that time. Later i came to know. It was Sreekanth.

Sreekanth has this unimaginable ability "to be there". He has many other talents we know. I have always wondered, how on earth a person can have all these gifts from God. Its not fair! He is fit and keeps fit.(No effect of onsite life!) He has these artistic talents like mimicry, cooking,photography and chalu. He goes on these crazy treks. He knows each and everyone in Minfy Top Bosses.He knows Kalaripayattu!

He codes well, he takes bottomline responsibility and delivers on it. I know this because i was doing the Essence newsletter. I feel i got a lot of undue fame and recognition because of this superb guy. It did not go more than 2 issues after Sreekanth left offshore. He was that indispensible for the newsletter. I have had a lot of fun (legal and illegal) while he really worked.

When he was in Hariraj, he could tell you all the kidu scenes coming in the action movies coming on TV.
His adventure about the "Idi bag" (dont know english name) is famous. He knew whatever a malayali is supposed to know.

I have gone on a single trek with this guy. I and DK were boozing in the First Degree Bar (DK i hope the name is correct). We were discussing the intoxication in Vodka Martini (its just a hype) and some other drinks when Sreekanth called. Now i know that when we get drunk, we get imgainary gains in health and fitness.
S: "Eda, nale oru trek plan cheyunundu"
M: "OK We are ready"
D: "Valuthano cheruthanonu chodiku"
M: "Ee treking ennu parayumbo enthoram varum"
S: "Da athu cheriyoooooooru trekingaa"
D: "Eda 5000 feet-nu thazhe ulla oru trekinginum njangal illenu paranjeku"

We were ready to trek even Himalayas that day. Next day, me and DK had to get a lot of "energy drinks" to get to the top of that motta kunnu where as I could see Sreekanth jumping from cliff to cliff like goddamn Arnold Schwarznegger.(could be the effect of energy drinks also)

The biggest thing Sreekanth has done for me is, without question, introducing me to my then-future wife.
He was putting load after load of praises on me that day. I remember, the first mail (that too, a chalu) i sent to Nithya was with Sree in the CC. He has given me a lot of support on that "project".

If close birthdays are a sign of porutham, Reshma and Sreekanth will be the couple with most poruthams. I think they do have a lot of poruthams as divined by the astrologers.

Reshma, is still a mystery to me. How did she reach till here? I think her daddy was her teacher too. If i had her brain, i would be in 2nd class even now. ( Score 1 for me)

Having said that, her biggest asset is her simplicity. Each time you read a post of her blog that is what strikes you. You or me, when we write something, usually we have some ahambhavam in it. I cant see that, but a better person would be able to find me lifting my ego in this post itself. She doesnt have that. One bit.

She cooks very well, being the person who lifted me from nirasha into a yummy onam sadya this year. Me,Nithya, Sreekanth and Reshma had proved to be a good team in cooking last Vishu when we combined made a good Vishu lunch.

We all used to call her (and still do) "Tholvi". She is a little tubelight in understanding the kunishtu buddhis i suppose. But she was successful in breaking somebodys leg in just one trip to Bangalore. I keep my legs always away from her.

She is a Model Kerala Woman, just like the Model Kerala Man Sreekanth.They both know all the things a malayali is supposed to know. I am sure my grand parents\parents would be so damn impressed if they could meet. She supports and complements Sreekanth im a magical way.

Happy birthday (belated-um allatheym) Sreekanth and Reshma!


  1. kore kalam aayi ninode nan enne korache ithiri nallathe ezhudan parayannu.arrum nallathe paranjillengilum... nallathe ezhudi engilum kanan olle agraham kondanne aliyaaa.

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  3. njan oru manda budhiyanannalle manu, nee ezhuthi pidippichikkane :D ....jokes apart , thanks a lot for such a lovely post... we both r floating high in the clouds now!!!!

  4. Thats a wonderful post, manumaan!

    Paavam joise, avan karayaan thudangeettu naalu kore aayi :-D