Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yes Man

This film starring Jim Carrey was on my most-anticipated list. I caught it yesterday night @ AMC Del Amo 18. There was a lot of jokes where i laughed out loud. A really funny film.

I came back from a tiring day at office, had a powernap of 50 minutes and woke up at 9. Made a nescafe to give make me alert. Had the leftover fried rice for dinner and went to the theatre.

The film is based on a book by Danny Wallace, a guy who decides to say 'Yes' to any offer, demand or opportunity that comes by. That a person actually did it in his life is astounding. Now, this is nothing for Mr. Wallace, who has done another experiment where he lived 'exactly according to biblical laws'.


Enough about the book. In the film, Jim Carrey portrays Carl, who has been dumped by his girlfriend. Ever since that happened he becomes some kind of a hermit, declining to socialize or make any kind of involvement in his own life. Inspired by a friend of his, he attends a motivation seminar, where he decides to say Yes to everything. Thus begins a series of funny and hilarious events. Somewhere along the way he meets Allison, a free bird who sings in a ragtag band, does jogging-photography and rides a scooter most dangerously. They like each other, and launch into a torrid love affair.

yes man

My favorite scene from the film was where they sneak up into Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl and sing a song together. Jim Carrey is ok, but Zooey Deschannel's backing vocals are damn funny. (Her eyes remind me of a Huski Dog-or a yakshi)

How does it compare to my all-time favorite 'Bruce Almighty'? It lacks the emotional depth,bitterness or the message of Bruce Almighty, but it is delightful for all the laughs.

Watch this movie.Laughter is good for your health.

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