Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I have done my part to revive things. I have put some funds into the American Economy.I lined up at 4 am in the morning at Best Buy and bought things worth 500 $.
I got two small cameras for my parents and Nithya's. (Kodak C 813 and Fujifilm J12).
one 320 GB External Hard drive,8 GB card for camera, a tripod and a flash drive.

We had gone to check the status yesterday night, and we had seen people staying in tents outside Bestbuy. But things could have been worse.

Coming back from the Bestbuy everyone was hungry. I influenced their decision and we ended up at Dennys. The sweet smell of pancakes in the morning..heavenly!

We roomies went to JC Penney/Sears too but i did not buy any clothes. Buying clothes is a big chore for me. Without Nithya it is difficult for me to buy any clothes.

I had rented a car from Enterprise on Wednesday to drive around in the weekend. I am enjoying the driving, and i am pretty confident now.

I had got a GPS with the car which stopped working on the second day.Going to distant palces without GPS is difficult. So i bought myself a GPS. Then i came to know, there is a problem with the car, where power is given to GPS.

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  1. eyalle 4 am ine queue poyi nikanne karyam onne viliche paramayiranille.... anikum korache sadhanangal medikan indayi...