Monday, November 24, 2008


I saw Bolt on Saturday night. It was a nice film. Funny, Feel-good, Touching, a disney film in all ways.

The story is about a eager-to-please dog Bolt, who is the star of an action TV series.His 'person' Penny loves him, but he thinks that all that he sees on the set are real, and he is actually a superdog. The producers of the show are keeping him in this fake world (a la Trueman Show) because it brings out true emotions in him. One day when the producers go for a cliffhanger ending (instead of the regular happy ending) with his co-star being kidnapped in front of his eyes. Pandamonium and hilarity ensues when Bolt bolts on a cross-country trip to save Penny, meeting some colorful characters on the way.

There is a lot of comic relief in the shape of Rhino (actually a hamster). The Bolts unlikely animal companion, Mittens the kitten is endearing and (sadly slim like a somalian kid.) The forgetful pigeons...I laughed out loud each time they came onscreen. They are like the penguins of Madagascar.

This brings me to another point: Why hollywood movies are so partial to Dogs? Where is the cat-saves-the-day movie? I understand they are hard to be made to do something (after all, they are independant creatures unlike dogs); but animation should make it possible.

Cats were always made out to be either the villains pets (numerous Bond movies) or villains ( Cats n Dogs - a anti-cat movie) or laughingstock (Tom & Jerry).I really hope they make some movie with a hero cat.

The 3D animation was top-notch, with the first action sequence on the freeway which was super than any other real action movie i have seen in a long time. John Travolta's voice is great and has all the correct feelings.The humour is character-based and while kid-friendly (i gather from the kids who were seeing the film) is as funny to adults too.
Go see it.

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