Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things i like in America-1

One of the things i like very much about america is its solid address system. Every address has a standard form and it is very easy to find any place using the address.

Essentially all streets are named and have visible boards denoting it, and all buildings on a street are numbered in sequence.

It is so easy, I wonder how i used to find places back in India!! It was all dependant on which places you know.

"Hey do u know where is Suchitra theatre"
"How to go"
"Hmm do you know PVS?"
"Do you know Saibeen"
"Do you know Urwastore"
(Deerkha nishwasam)

I dont know i feel like this cos i travel in bus, may be our friends can shed some light on it.


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  2. in india also every place has a solid address but you wont get to know it till you manage to reach the place.