Monday, November 17, 2008

Road to Perdition

Saturday i saw this brilliant movie. It is like a wine which slowly grips you.Moving in an unhurried pace, its grip on your mind is strong.

The story is about a hitman/assassin (Tom Hanks) who is forced to flee with his son, when the son (Daniel Craig) of the boss of the crime syndicate (Paul Newman) he works for, turns against his family. Close on his heels is a weird assassin(Jude Law) who takes photos of his victims and sells to press.The tension, suspense, drama all are very much alive. All the actors did well. Daniel Craig in his before-bond days looks like he could use some food.

About the photography: The film has a distinct 'cold look'. Some frames look like paintings. The last shootout scene, where the gleen from soaked surfaces, moonlight and even the gunfire combine to make a majestic picture, director has turned the sound mute to let you revel in its beauty.

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