Tuesday, November 4, 2008


October 31st was Halloween. I and Nilotpal had planned to goto Halloween Carnival and take photos. But in the end he backed out. Well, it is a truth that Canon S5 fails miserably After sunset. Still, I wanted to have a glimpse of the culture here so I went ahead.

The carnival was crowded. You had to pay 5$ to get in. Once in, all games are free. But games were all for kids, so I just clicked away.

err..scarecrow and chaplin and...?

The only way to click photos in low-light in S5 is to take Sports mode. It is a high ISO mode. The photos tend to be really grainy, but blur is avoided. You can get some good results through noise reduction in software. I got some candids of people in costumes. The kids in various fairy costumes were looking really cute, but really difficult to capture on camera.

posing for photos


Towards the end I gathered some courage to ask people to pose for my photos. I think Americans are really casual, and during the Halloween they are out to show off. I got some good photos there.

Lady with the fangs.And friends.

lady with the fangs -n friends

When I asked people to pose for this photo, the girl with the braces was standing away, I asked her to come into the frame. Looking back I wonder if I did wrong – were the other two a couple?

And then there was this guy in Joker costume, he looked really like Joker.

Last but not the least, this is yours truly with some Halloween folks ( Angry witch, Frankenstein and Fairy God mother they called themselves)
angry witch, frankenstein, fairy godmother


  1. amnu...the joker looks very much like the batman joker.

  2. that last photo... is that a costume...or ur real photo..scary!!! ;)