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I am Klueless!! Klueless 4 Hints & Clues

After 3 days of sneaking into Klueless page in office, i am klueless now..There were some hard steps along the way, and some of them i still dont know the connect. I solved the levels once more, to gather the content for my next post, and i learned some more things. Its a feeling of achievement. Time to bring out the champagne!

As promised, here are the hints and clues to answers of all the levels.

0. Find the clickable object.

1. Just Repeat what is given in the page.

2. No textbox. Nothing clickable. It is evident you have to change the URL to goto the next level. Look at the version in the image. Look at title of page. Something wrong? correct it. As the clue in the source says, change the url to go from past to present.

3. Just pickup the mistakes and see it forming a word. You will find the answer to be a walk in the park. Or rather not a park.

4. Translate the title. What does it mean? The source says 'None before.' So it/he
should be the first. Look at the numbers. What is the similarity of these numbers?
So first + similarity+ translation.

5. Link to the power.Hey, some logos are missing, and one remaining has moved. Lets
click it. The url is cbc.asp. Check that in google. How is that and the logo connected.? Find that one in the page opened on clicking the logo. You will see power again.

6. What is in a name? Title says cartoon. URL Says quack. the image name is dd..all pointing to the guy in the picture. We are stuck in the "middle" ...Find it..

7. o,t,t,f,f,_,_,e,n,_,_ The most simple series in the world. Image file name says
1432, so arrange the missing ones in that order.

8. Lucas Number. He helps Santa pull his sleigh. If you look up the reindeers who pull Santas sleigh, you will find something which looks like the image. which is the most famous of these? Alchemy stole is an anagram.

9. Title and URL both point to gibberish, and page contains a lot of the same. Search in google.

10. The position of celebrities have a connection. All are hollywood couples also. Who is missing. The answer is a pet name for them together.

11. The mecca surrounded by .. search those famous names in google and and you will know which mecca (or what's mecca) is this. Now it seems this mecca was in different place before..what was that place?

12. Do you know what that ink blo-like figure in the back? If you dont, search in google for complex geomatrical figures. Now you will see that the person who gave it the name has a name similar to Nelson Mandela + the name of the chicken soup.

13. The writing will be familiar to folks who have seen a legendary trilogy of fantasy films, ring any bells? You may have seen shah rukh khan written as srk, you need to do the opposite here.And as there are no text boxes or links to next level, you need to change the URL. If you search the decoded text in google you will get a wikipedia page with the name you need to give for the page name. Remember, you have to change the part before the .asp

14. Search the hint in the page source in google. Soon you will find that precious is actually an abbreviation.Like Regards= Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, and Diamond. Now, the rings on the image have 7 stones. Find what its abbreviated name is..Now is the time to get a help from your girlfriend.

15. This presents you with 3 doors - They are 15a,15b,15c - doors to the next level.
15a.Many Elderly people ... what is this? And Page title asks you to wake up and look up. There is a planet in the sky.. The page source gives this hint: Who is missing? I think you need to take another look at that sentence.

Dead end. Come back to level 15 and choose other door.

15c. Hmm..Look at the pictures. Everyone is singing, but the lamb is muted..And there is a dragon of a specific color in the middle. Things point to a movie. And it had a central character. Something more about the character will be found in the sentence given.

Dead end is a dead end. Come back to level 15 and choose other door.

15b. Hmm..havent you seen a similar page? Go there and do something different this time.

1a. It asks for a username and password. Think of in which page's source you saw the words username and password. The answers for those pages are, infact the required info.

Welcome to the Upper Echelon!

16. A message in victorian english. And the page source says: If ONE can do it then why all? Where do u do this most often? Yes, in SMS. Translate message to SMS Lingo.
The page title has yoU. that must be important.Or it should be deleted wherever we find it? And image file name is 2134. It almost tells us to arrange the letters in a sequence right?

17. This is a weird card, and cards can be viewed upside down also, you know. Look at the page title and do it.

18. Try to answer the first two questions. Put together they point to a dictionary you might be using all the time. Now enter the numbers and get the key. Without Finland you may bark up the wrong tree.

19 Add the page title and image file name to know what this is about. Now say the names of things you can see in images. You can see a branch of mathematics, a pair of BRANDED tvs, and a PAIR of something and fish whose name is blurred (that is the most direct hint i see now)

20. Search the text given in google. Find the meaning of characters given (check image name for language). And title says Sum It up.

21. "it's not the means but the end, which matters"- says the page source. Another page to change the URL to go forward. Also, it is the end that matters...the end of the file name is? and to what it should be changed? AT Six PoinT would give you the answer.It has both the before and after.

Now when you change the URL you see a sentence, an instruction.Do what it says (MS Word can do it in a sec) and then use that result, plus the before you got from AT Six Point (Essentially doing first step in reverse)

22. Page title. Image file name. all point to something.If you want still more clues, look at the page source.It is simply staring you in the face. These things have a name.

23. I did not solve the crypt. They want the first sponsor. A clue is there in the page title, and the URL.

24. In the year that Le Napolean was launched, something/someone was laid to rest. Mary did it. Search Le Napolean in wikipedia, get the year, search for the year in wikipedia. There are some direct clues to what you have to look for, in the URL and the hint in page source. Once you have found it, just look through the wiki entry.
You will feel clues falling into place.

25. The page title says Notepad. The image fiename is use. And hint says 'clue is
elsewhere. What can be opened from this page in Notepad. Open it and search for clue. Got the clue? Mind the commas. Now using the calculator diagram encode the numbers. Got some numbers again? Just one more decoding. It is not difficult.

26. Do you remember this bridge from your engineering class? It is called konigsberg
problem or ? There is something common between the four pictures. For a hint you can look at the page title.

27. Where have you seen this kind of a paper? Where the numbers combined would point to something? Look at the image file name also. You can use a google service to find the answer. The same one you use so that you dont get .

28. Have you seen this frame somewhere? The words? That somewhere is A. Answer the
questions on the front,which will give you a number. Answer the question in the page source, which will give you a name.Now find th on A.

29. Have you seen these pictures somewhere? If you know the answer a ding dong will
sound in your mind. Otherwise open the word and play until you find something similar. When you have found the code, decode the pictures to legible language.
The hint in the page source will sound another ding dong now. With that code, encode the legible language again. See some hand signals and symbols? Now look at the page title, it says "Calculate". Go on, calculate. Result is the key to next level.

30. The image shows a page from IIM IRIS site. Page title says alternate.Hint in the
page source says get the original 1 2..Find the differences between this image and the actual site. I am not sure what to do now. I looked at klueless blog which says, the difference of differences gives a series. Go on, try the serieses. I will give you one more clue. It has to do with Davinci Code.

31. Page Title-Perplexed. URL-muddled. Image file name-confused. Any other synonym we have seen a lot?

We have conquered the Klueless 4!!

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