Friday, December 5, 2008

Craiglist Scams...(Fake) Sad stories

At this time I have some personal problems and I need to sell the car as fast as possible because I need the money. This is my only reason for selling this beauty otherwise I wouldn't do it.The deal will be handled by Swift Vehicle Trade

The car was my husband`s as he loved it very much, but he did not enjoy it as he died in a IRAQ 3 month ago. It brings very bad memories to me, I want to get rid of it.
The buyer will receive the car with all papers and receipts that he needs to register it to his name.Shipping will be done whit DAS and it will take no more then 2-3 days. I have a friend there who will manage me a low price shipping and I assumed that it is my duty to pay for shipping it.It will be delivered directly to your address.

Currently the car is located in Bronx, New York at the shipping company.
There i lived with my ex-husband until i divorce. Now I am located in San Jose, California where i grow up. I'm very busy looking a home and with my new job and that's way i leave the car at the shipping company.I know that you want to see it before you buy it but I've done some research on the Internet and for that i found eBay Purchase Protection Program. If you are still interested in this transaction with me please let me know and i will explain the whole process.

I`m a single mother with 2 children and i have problems with money, that`s why i`m selling it so cheap. I need to sell the car quickly because I will move from town. We will use eBay`s Protection Program for our safety. If you are interested in buying my car, e-mail me. I am currently using my son's e-mail address.

I'm very busy with my job and I'm often out of town so I can't meet in person with you and this is the reason why I opted to sell my car over the internet. I want to use eBay protection program for our safety and for payme

Thank you for your interest in my the moment the car is located at the shipping company in Annapolis Maryland ready for delivery. Because I'm a single mother with 2 children's i don't have time to meet up with potential buyers and i looking permanently a job.

I am now in a divorce with my ex and i am in desperate need of money to pay the mortgage on my house. That's my only reason for selling it otherwise I wouldn't do it.
The deal will be handled by eBay trough their eBay Vehicle Purchase Program . They will handle the title and money transfer and deliver the car to your location. The car is at their office in Minneapolis MN.

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