Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That thing you do!

The first time i heard this song, i was in the Dollar Store, Mangalore. Its infectious peppy tune caught me. I have been listening to this song since then. Recently i saw the film whose original sound track is this, and i am happy i did.

The film, also named "That thing you do" tells the story of a teenage band which raises to the top with its hit single. Unlike the "Rock On", this film has a light feel. You feel like you are watching some of your friends through their good times.

The movie is written and directed by Tom Hanks.He has a good role as the band's manager.The stars of the band are all quite unknown, except Liv Tyler and Steve Zahn.In one of the insignificant roles is one of my favs, Charlize Theron who fades away quickly.

That all the actors who make up the band were made to study the instruments is one detail which points to the extent Hanks went here.This is a film you can curl up on an afternoon to, and come back refreshed.

The song:

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  1. the song is kind of refreshing...will check out the movie and let u know..