Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Toast to Judy

Me and Judy are proud CETians. But we never met at CET. We were in the same batch in August 2004 SC Internet Stream, still nothing. For that matter we were all in that batch and i knew just Varna then.

I am one of those specimens of humankind to whom making friends is not a present ability. I have a very few friends in life and all of them came into my life. I feel that every good friend that i have, i haven't made that friendship, but they give me that privilege of friendship.I am thus privileged to be a friend of Judy.

When i came to Mangalore, i was granted membership of the best gang of friends i have seen. I spotted Judy and Joise in that circle. I could see they are "together" in the best sense. I had a lot of good thing in common with Joise, lazyiness and C&H being two. This paved way for a friendship with Judy. I still remember three of ours first outing together - searching for shopping in all the wrong places in Mangalore. Lunch at Heerapanna.

Soon, we would be frequenting the most dreaded of hangout places in all of Mangalore- The Maitri. Joise and me 'had a thing' for the chicken manjurian of Maithri.(Well what can i say it is the one of the best dishes in Mangalore.) Judy had the audacity (ofcourse propelled by feelings for Joise) to come to Maithri. The only other girl i have seen with that same audacity is Nithya (This means going to maithri is like a test for your love)

I could always count on Judy,and she has been more than a caring friend for me. I had a lot of tough spots in the last 4 years and she has given me a lot of support. I have tried to pay back by accompanying her on some shopping trips (yes girls,this is the biggest thing a guy can do for you) once to Kudla and once for a great movie 'Salaam Namaste'.I am lucky she still thinks of me as a friend.

She has some distinct qualities:
1. The only person who brought sweets (a huge number of them) to celebrate a national holiday.(he he)
2. One of the best cooks i have seen.

When i was thinking of becoming a lifelong bachelor (yes i had those fantasies) i told them i would come and stay with them once in a while, after they become a family. I realized this 'vision' some time ago. I felt that after i make a mess of staying in their home she would not talk to me. I was wrong. We still talk on the phone and i did wish her happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Judy! (And wishing she would forgive me for this post!)


  1. man write something about me too.. :-))
    I will give you some pointers.

    intellegent (think of something creative)
    hard working
    down to earth
    (use your imagination to come up with more adjectives)

  2. Eda joise, ee blog il njan sathyam mathrame ezhutharullu...Allel cheyamayirunu. :)