Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Farewell to my MAK! (With tears)

He was with me for a few days. In those very few hours i had begun to like him a lot. Though a little old, he was capable. He had character. He could accelerate well and give good transmission with his 2.0L engine. His audio system picked up my ipod and would give a concert. Above all, he made me independent for the time he was with me.

With him, i went to some of the places i wanted to go for a long time. In the three days he was with me, we travelled some 200+ miles.

I lost him in an accident in Los Angeles. One stupid mex guy jumped a Red light and i could not stop in time to save my mak. I floored the brakes but i slammed into that car.
His seat belts and airbags saved yours truly. It was like out of a bad dream. Mak had sufferred a lot of damages. I will be never able to forgive myself. I am inconsolable from that day.

I used to tell him, one day my nithya will come from India and we will go on long drives. We will be a happy family. But that was not to be.

It is my destiny. God moves in mysterious ways. May be He wanted to help that bengali babu who sold me the car. But He did not want me to have this car.Bengali babu himself was very sad on the day he gave over the keys. I cant start to imagine if he comes to know.

I was going to come to Office in Mak starting monday. Going to get the parking permit. Now all that is cancelled plans. I am again a dependant creature. Mak who gave me independance for some days, is gone now. Mak, I will miss you.


  1. wht the???? u okey? didnt u take his balls out... u shud hav... shit happns.. its k...wht did u do then...mail me...

  2. this is so touching...saraillya manu...potte...i know its easy to say but still, lets just hope it was for your good to avoid something bad happening in future .....

  3. thats part n parcel of life dude.. as time moves u will 4get n get used with a new and better Mak waiting for u somewhere :) so lets hope for the best.. hope u had taken few snaps atleast.. if yes post it ..