Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free DVDs with Redbox

I think you all must have seen the Redbox kiosks in supermarkets.(US folks). I am having a nice time getting free DVDs from Redbox.

The redbox frequently gives out promo codes using which you can get free rentals for a night each. The catch is that a code can be used only once on a card.(You need to swipe a card at the end of DVD selection for identification) And some codes are only for first time users.

But most our USA households have atleast 2 cards, which means you can use those codes twice. If you are a husband and wife both with a debit and credit card, one code means 4 DVDs!

In my case, i am living with 2 guys who have no interest in English movies whatsoever. I get their cards each time i get a code (well not always as i don't feel greedy all the time). If you keep the DVD for more than one night, you will be charged. So i come home, copy the DVD using the fabulous software DVDFab and give it back (if i dont find time to see it first)

Here are some codes to get started:
REDBOX (first timer code- use first)
DVDONME (can be used once)
BREAKROOM (can be used once)

Good thing with Redbox (compared to Netflix) is that you have a better chance of landing latest DVDs. Also, you can get whichever type of movie you are in the mood for.

These are some sites for finding Redbox codes:

These days i am seeing a flaw on the Redbox validation logic...More on that later.

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  1. i am seeing it for first time)(frm ur post ofcourse!